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e*lix*ir   #12
Ridvan 2021



The Intimacy of Art

The Writing Life

‘I Go to Paper’: A Conversation with Ruth Forman by Andréana Elise


Anthony A. Lee


“If I Should Gaze Upon Your Face” by Tahirih
Chinese translation by Zijing Pan DiCenzo


In the Noble, Sacred Place: One Rainy Day in a Holy City by Sandra Lynn Hutchison


Anne Gordon Perry on Writing for Film

Personal Reflections on Bahá’í Texts

O Nightingales of God! by James Braun

Artist Profile

Benjamin Hatcher, Dancer by Joyce Litoff


Nadema Agard
Beth Yazhari


Ruhi & Riaz by Eira

Voices of Iran

The Cherry Orchard by Paria Bakhshi
A Wedding in Prison by Melika Rezvani

Looking Back on Books

In the Eyes of His Beloved Servants: The Story Behind the Stories by J. Michael Kafes
How One Jewish Woman Poet Remade the Wor(l)d: Alicia Ostriker’s The Little Space: Poems Selected and New (1989-1996) by Sandra Lynn Hutchison

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Wampum Moon of Change
Acrylic on Canvas Mixed Media (Soft Sculpture)

Healing of the Mother
Acrylic on Canvas / Mixed Media (Sweetgrass/Cedar/Tobacco)

Grandmother Moon and Her Corn Moon Daughters
Acrylic / Canvas / Mixed Media

Earth Mother and her Children of the Four Directions
Acrylic / Canvas / Mixed Media

Virgin of Guadalupe is the Corn Mother
Acrylic / Canvas / Mixed Media

Starblanket Heaven
Pastel / Collage
matted with Plexiglass frame

"Mitakye Oyasin": We Are All Related
Mixed Media on Canvas

Four Lakota Virtues:
Wóksape (Wisdom)
Wówalitake (Fortitude)
WówačhaƋtognake (Generosity)
Wóohitike (Bravery)

Nadema Agard
Artist Statement:   My artwork has an individualistic style that draws upon cosmic subject matter. It has a global agenda from an Indigenous perspective and reflects the interconnection of myself as woman, mother, Indigenous world citizen, Native North American, spiritual being and warrior. My work has been influenced by the ceremonies of the Onondaga Longhouse, the Hopi Kiva on Second Mesa, the Full Moon and Sweat Lodge ceremonies of the Ojibwe, the Sundance of the Lakota, a pilgrimage to Medicine Wheel, Wyoming, Nanih Waiya Mound of the Choctaw, the Mayan Pyramid in Chichen Itza and Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, home of goddess Pele.
Bio:   Nadema Agard was born and raised in New York City and later returned to her maternal ancestral homelands in the Carolinas and her paternal grandmother’s homeland in Virginia after she received a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship to write her Southeastern Native Arts Directory. Almost a decade later as the Repatriation Director of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, she was again re-united with her paternal grandfather’s Lakota relatives in the Dakotas who had, five years earlier, arranged for her to receive her Lakota name “Winyan Luta” (“Woman Holy Red”) during a naming ceremony officiated by a traditional elder. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Art and Education from Teacher’s College, Columbia University and is currently the Director of Red Earth Studio Consulting / Productions in New York City.