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e*lix*ir   #2
spring 2016



  • Art at the Intersection of the Worlds

  • Poetry

  • Michael Fitzgerald
  • YoungIn Doe (in English and Korean)
  • Arlette George

  • Fiction

  • The Munich Girl
    by Phyllis Ring

  • Memoir

  • Birds
    by Holiday Reinhorn

  • Writing Life

  • Notes on the Poetic Process
    by Michael Fitzgerald

  • Essays

  • The Art of Ecstasy in the Poetry of Stanley Kunitz
    by Sandra Lynn Hutchison

  • Looking Back on Books

  • Fiction: Big Cats
    by Holiday Reinhorn
  • Nonfiction: Chinese Brushstrokes
    by Sandra Lynn Hutchison

  • Art

  • Paintings
    by Jean Reece
  • Photographs
    by Bev Rennie

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    Photo by Bev Rennie


    Facing the Buddha

    부처님 대면하기


    Like Tibetan worshippers

    lying flat on the dirt floor

    pleading for Buddha’s mercy,


    Long slim bodies of dragon flies

    are grounded

    on the white-painted wooden deck

    of my house secluded in the woods,


    Facing the East from which

    all graceful rays of compassion

    flow, mirroring four wings

    and transparent hearts,


    Until their skinny arms sustain

    the weight of a thousand bows

    for the sake of our ascension.

    바닥에 납작 엎드려서

    부처님의 자비를 갈구하는

    티베트의 죄수들처럼


    속에 숨어있는 집의

    흰색으로 페인트칠한

    나무 베란다 위에

    가늘고 잠자리


    나지막하게 내려 앉았다


    우리들의 상승을 위하여

    삐쩍 마른 팔이

    절의 무게를

    지탱할 때까지


    모든 자비로움의 우아한

    광선이 흘러나오는

    동쪽을 향하여

    투명한 가슴의 날개 개를

    거울에 비추고 있다.






    Have you ever choked while eating,

    with hot tears blocking your throat?

    Well, I have.


    But now, after thirty years of eating alone,

    I swallow my food rather well,

    seated at my large dinner table.


    I take a walk

    alone with God.

    No need for companionship at all,

    Or hardly.


    I fly high above the rooftops

    of attachment and longing.

    My feathers are deep red

    and I fly alone.

    먹는 중에 뜨거운 눈물로

    목이 막혀본 적이 있나요?

    나는 그런 있지요.

    커다란 식탁에 앉아서

    삼십 동안 홀로 식사한 후에

    이제는 음식을 삼킨답니다.


    하나님과 함께 혼자서

    산책을 하지요.

    동반할 사람이 전혀 필요치 않아요.

    아니면 가까스로 그렇지요:

    나는 집착과 갈망의

    지붕위로 높이 날아요.

    그래도 깃털은 짙은 붉은색이고

    나는 혼자서 날아요.



    To Thee



    Gentle eyes, remembering,

    gaze at me, awakened

    by the light of stars.

    For a very long time,

    I long for Thine eyes

    Ah, I love Thee.


    Putting down the bag

    I carry on my straight back,

    I offer Thee a big bow

    whenever it’s too dark

    to continue to walk

    in this place.


    I thank Thee

    for my strong legs

    that push me forward

    one very heavy step

    at a time.


    Still, within me

    a coal burns

    tainting me with dirt.

    But it’s only there to warm me,

    So in this cold night

    I might become

    a tiny star illuminating

    Thy light.



    Whenever darkness

    hunts too deep

    I look up to the night sky.

    Ah, I love Thee

    for Thou hath planted

    within me

    radiant teardrops.

    깨어있는 별빛으로

    잊지 않고 내려다보시는

    당신의 그윽한 눈동자를

    한참이나 그리워합니다.

    ! 사랑합니다.


    이곳은 너무도 깜깜하여

    걷기조차 힘들 때마다

    등에 보따리 내려놓고

    올릴 있게

    꼿꼿한 허리로 나를 세우신

    무거운 발걸음이라도

    발자국씩 나아가도록

    단단한 다리 주시었음에

    ! 감사합니다.


    나라는 존재를 검게 그을리는

    석탄 덩어리 하나가

    아직 안에 타고 있음은

    오직 나를 죽이기 위함일

    당신의 빛을 쏟아내는

    작은 하나로

    새로 나기 위함입니다.


    모든 것이 너무 깊숙이

    어두워질 때마다

    밤하늘을 올려다봅니다.

    반짝거리는 눈물방울들을

    안에 심어주신

    ! 당신을 사랑합니다.


    YoungIn Sondra SeungJa Doe
    Artist Statement:   I write when I can find the time to delve deeper into my inner self and listen to my inner voice. It can be challenging to see myself and others in the eternal Light, that light that never abandons us as children of Divine Wisdom. For me, writing poems is a way of communicating with a self that often feels burdened by the responsibilities of daily life. Sometimes my poetic inspiration comes from the experience of suffering or from the mysterious voice of the Divine that consoles and guides all of humanity.
    Bio:   As a Korean-American, YoungIn Sondra SeungJa Doe sees herself as a world citizen who straddles East and West. YoungIn has devoted her life to the education of social workers in the U.S. and Korea. In the Bahá’í Faith and in the practice of Social Work, she has found a common vision that is rooted in the commitment to foster the spiritual evolution of humanity. YoungIn has published poems in Korean and in English. She is now in the process of translating some of her Korean poems into English. The poems that appear in this issue of e*lix*ir represent her first efforts.