art ~ spirit ~ transformation

e*lix*ir   #2
spring 2016



  • Art at the Intersection of the Worlds

  • Poetry

  • Michael Fitzgerald
  • YoungIn Doe (in English and Korean)
  • Arlette George

  • Fiction

  • The Munich Girl
    by Phyllis Ring

  • Memoir

  • Birds
    by Holiday Reinhorn

  • Writing Life

  • Notes on the Poetic Process
    by Michael Fitzgerald

  • Essays

  • The Art of Ecstasy in the Poetry of Stanley Kunitz
    by Sandra Lynn Hutchison

  • Looking Back on Books

  • Fiction: Big Cats
    by Holiday Reinhorn
  • Nonfiction: Chinese Brushstrokes
    by Sandra Lynn Hutchison

  • Art

  • Paintings
    by Jean Reece
  • Photographs
    by Bev Rennie

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    Blue Curtain
    oil on canvas

    Empty Dreams
    oil on canvas

    Homage to Henri
    oil on canvas

    Grecian Urn with a Green Apple
    oil on panel

    Wooden Reality
    oil on canvas

    Three Cherries with Dark Sky
    oil on panel

    Tamara’s Vase
    oil on panel

    Louise in February
    oil on panel

    Jean Reece Wilkey
    Artist Statement:   My work explores the intersection of nature, figures and objects. I’m inspired by the metaphorical possibilities of their encounter and with how these arrangements can represent both the inner and external worlds of the individual.The beauty of color moves me, as do sumptuous textures and the way light falls on an object or a face. My work is an attempt to convey that beauty and reveal the possibilities for meaning inherent in an arrangement of objects. I delight in discovering the metaphorical possibilities in pairing people and subject matter from nature with their man-made counterparts. Victorian bric a brac, bones, and thrift store finds that include ceramic animals, masks and candy become my cast of characters in a spontaneous narrative that evokes certain individual and cultural beliefs.
    Bio:   Jean Reece Wilkey is an American artist based in New Mexico whose work combines objects, landscape, animals and the figure to explore aspects of perception, identity, and our relationship to nature. Wilkey has exhibited nationally and internationally, has been the recipient of fellowships and awards, and her work has been collected by individuals in more than a dozen countries.