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e*lix*ir   #8
spring 2019



  • Forms of Exaltation: New Art for a New Age

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  • Poems
    by Imelda Maguire
  • e*lix*ir poets on the Kilkenny Poetry Trail

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  • “I Tremble” by Rumi
    translated by Anthony A. Lee and Nesreen Akhtarkhavari

  • The Writing Life

  • Telling the Story of a Queen
    by Della Marcus

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  • Red
    by Lauren Laisying Turner

  • Personal Reflections on Bahá’í Texts

  • The Mystery of Proximity and Remoteness
    by A. Philip Christensen
  • A Night Never Before Witnessed
    by Patricia Verge

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  • Paintings
    by Brad Pokorny

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  • Ruhi & Riaz
    by Eira

  • Voices of Iran

  • The Love Bird
    by Zarrin Kasiri

  • Looking Back on Books

  • Glimpses of Hope, Selected Poems by Michael Fitzgerald
    by Rhonda Palmer
  • Point by Point: An Anthology of Poems...
  • State of the Art: Books for Children
    by Allison Grover Khoury

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    I Tremble

    by Mevlana Rumi

    translated by Anthony A. Lee and Nesreen Akhtarkhavari

    Your face is the moon. Your heart’s made of stone.
    And yet, your soul’s the source of all that’s known.
    Your beauty is the light my eyes were shown.
    By those steeds! By the sparks their hooves have thrown!
    My Friend! Save you, they’re all just dust and foam.
    You left. I tremble for your love. I moan.
    My soul’s a sacrifice at your command.
    Every king but you is a charlatan.

    1 - Cf. Qur’an 100:1-4. “By the horses snorting, by the sparks (their hooves are) striking, by the chargers at dawn stirring up the dust...”

    Bio:   Anthony A. Lee, Ph.D., teaches African American history at UCLA and at West Los Angeles College. He has collaborated on a number of books of poetry in translation. The most recent, with Nesreen Akhtarkhavari is Love Is My Savior: The Arabic Poems of Rumi (Michigan State University Press, 2016).

    Bio:   Born in Irbid, Jordan, Nasreen Akhtarkhavari is Associate Professor the Director of the Arabic Program at DePaul College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in Chicago. She has produced numerous translations from the Arabic, including a prize winning translation of Rumi’s Arabic poems entitled Love is My Savior, with Anthony A. Lee.