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e*lix*ir   #8
spring 2019



  • Forms of Exaltation: New Art for a New Age

  • Poetry

  • Poems
    by Imelda Maguire
  • e*lix*ir poets on the Kilkenny Poetry Trail

  • Translations

  • “I Tremble” by Rumi
    translated by Anthony A. Lee and Nesreen Akhtarkhavari

  • The Writing Life

  • Telling the Story of a Queen
    by Della Marcus

  • Memoir

  • Red
    by Lauren Laisying Turner

  • Personal Reflections on Bahá’í Texts

  • The Mystery of Proximity and Remoteness
    by A. Philip Christensen
  • A Night Never Before Witnessed
    by Patricia Verge

  • Art

  • Paintings
    by Brad Pokorny

  • Comic

  • Ruhi & Riaz
    by Eira

  • Voices of Iran

  • The Love Bird
    by Zarrin Kasiri

  • Looking Back on Books

  • Glimpses of Hope, Selected Poems by Michael Fitzgerald
    by Rhonda Palmer
  • Point by Point: An Anthology of Poems...
  • State of the Art: Books for Children
    by Allison Grover Khoury

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    Photo by Bev Rennie


    Only One

    It is wild,
    and it is precious—
    this life,
    this blink of the cosmic
    this time.

    Precious it all is, what surrounds me—
    green waving stuff,
    chirping things,
    everything that tastes sweet,
    or tart, or salt;
    everything that tastes.

    I know I have only one,
    one chance to open my eye,
    to see this wildness,
    to run into a single day,
    arms open,
    chanting a song of gladness,

    an alleluia to the sky
    yes, arms open.

    How to Bring an Orchid Back to Life

    Sit with it and breathe
    in its silence.
    Look, and see.
    Tell it, I see you, I see
    your light
    tell it how you see it
    clearing the way,
    drawing good to it.

    Oh, soften your heart to it,
    watch its buds
    swell and burst,
    like your heart does.

    Stay with it,
    caress it,
    offer it sips of sweetness,
    grains of your good.
    Love it.


    (for Jean Tuomey)

    Like a saint in a frescoe,
    haloed in light,
    and golden, face upturned,
    arms outstretched, palms upward,
    what falls—

    blossom from the rowan,
    coiled shells, pearl and bead,
    a feather drifting downward,
    white, plain.

    What may fall,
    whatever may fall,
    these gifts, these treasures,
    unasked, unsought,
    cause tears to spill,
    into the bowl of the world.

    Imelda Maguire

    Artist Statement:   My writing and other creative activities are attempts to find that place where art and spirituality meet. Allowing my intuition to guide me, I try to hold lightly to a thread and follow it wherever it might lead. A piece of work might draw on my Celtic heritage, the landscape in which I live, or some prompting of the spirit, but always I trust that it will find its way into the world. We are good friends, my poems and I.

    Bio:   Irish poet Imelda Maguire lives in Donegal, the far north-west corner of the country. Her poetry has been published widely in journals and anthologies in Ireland. She has read at Poetry Ireland’s Introductions series, and at various literary festivals and events throughout the country. A retired counsellor, she facilitates creative and personal development activities with individuals and groups. Her first collection, Shout If You Want Me To Sing, was published in 2004 by Summer Palace Press. Her second collection, Serendipity, was published in 2015 by Revival Press.