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e*lix*ir   #11
Twin Birthdays 2020



Looking with the Eyes of Faith

e*lix*ir Poetry Collective

James Andrews
Harriet Fishman
Sandra Lynn Hutchison
A.E. Lefton
Imelda Maguire
YoungIn Doe


Remembered Music by Rumi, translated by Shahin Mowzoon

The Writing Life

The e*lix*ir Poetry Collective Writes the Creation by James Andrews


Love in a Time of Distances by Sandra Lynn Hutchison

Personal Reflections on Bahá’í Texts

A Finely-Tempered Sword by Melika Rezvani
Knowing God through His Creation by Nava Eslami


Fabric Art by Helen Butler


Ruhi & Riaz by Eira

Voices of Iran

An Army of Two Hundred Men by Ighan Aghdasi Yekta
The Goddess by Saba Sobhanian

Looking Back on Books

Rooms Are Never Finished by Agha Shahid Ali

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Bev Rennie



The round moon
embraces all things in a round way,
Having fallen in love with camels,
their ugly faces, she follows them
to the desert to soothe the heavy
loaded backs with fingers of light.

Ah, peace-loving animals,
gentle beings that eschew
all greed. Blown away by the winds
of the desert, the dust in your mind
takes shape in the shadows
of the desert mountain.

Amidst love’s capricious winds,
you close your tender eyes,
and all sadness disappears,
then taking aboard the moonlight,
you plod your way through heaven’s
valleys, leaving behind the imprint
of your soft footsteps as you go.

A Deer

Walking along the trail in the Byeolnae Woods
in the city of Namyangju, I breathe in the scent
of the blue green pine trees along the ridge path
and remember how the white breaths of ruga rugosa
in the seaside side town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine,
would disappear, swallowed by the blue ocean.

Today, I breathe the silence that has bloomed
in two places as I meet the wave of the winds
and open flowered time. As I walk,
I become a four-legged animal holding
on to two walking poles as I climb,
exhaling the whole of my clear joys,
make a soothing sound of short breaths.

A deer that ambles along on the woodland
path by the sea, gazes at me, surprised,
Look, it seems to say, a white-haired lady
with four legs walking along the pine tree
trails of Byeolnae Ridge. I say nothing back,
I just blow a pink smile to the wind and it blows
it right back to me as I walk the seaside lane.

Sunbeam Meal

I sit down to enjoy a meal during the hour
when the warm haze of morning
warms my back.

And as I do, I think of the fatigue
of the woman who soaks the sweat
from her skin in a salt pond
after a long day of work.

I wonder if the bright-red kimchi
brought spicy pain to the bent figure
who toils in a distant pepper field.

As my meal is prepared for me, I wonder —
do I really deserve to eat this boiled rice?
I wonder how qualified I am to be happy
in this world so ridden with sorrows,
where every living thing must struggle.

YoungIn Doe

Artist Statement:   I write when I can find the time to delve deeper into my inner self and listen to my inner voice. It can be challenging to see myself and others in the eternal Light, that light that never abandons us as children of Divine Wisdom. For me, writing poems is a way of communicating with a self that often feels burdened by the responsibilities of daily life. Sometimes my poetic inspiration comes from the experience of suffering or from the mysterious voice of the Divine that consoles and guides all of humanity.

Bio:   As a Korean-American, YoungIn Doe sees herself as a world citizen who straddles East and West. YoungIn has devoted her life to the education of social workers in the U.S. and Korea. In the Bahá’í Faith and in the practice of Social Work, she has found a common vision that is rooted in the commitment to foster the spiritual evolution of humanity. YoungIn has published poems in Korean and in English.