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e*lix*ir   #1
autumn 2015



  • Forging a Poetry of Hope
    by Sandra Lynn Hutchison

  • Poetry

  • Christine Anne Pratt
  • Harriet Pasca-Ortgies
  • Valerie Senyk

  • Fiction

  • The White Dog
    by Maya Bohnhoff

  • Memoir

  • Riding a Purple Bicycle
    in the City of Isfahan

    by Sahba

  • Reviews

  • Luminous Journey
    by Anne and Tim Perry
  • Prison Poems
    by Mahvash Sabet

  • Column

  • The Writing Life: Beginnings
    by Sandra Lynn Hutchison

  • Art

  • Paintings
    by Honnie Goode
  • Paintings
    by Louise Mould

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    Prince Edward Islands Potato Field (2010)
    photograph and acrylic paint on canvas (26.5" x 22")
    (part of Artscape Canada project - in the book entitled "Potato Field")

    Cavendish Winds (2011)
    photograph and acrylic paint on canvas (22.5" x 33")
    (part of Artscape Canada project - in the book entitled Cavendish)

    The Dunes (2015)
    acrylic on canvas (18" x 24")

    Essential Sky (2015)
    acrylic on canvas (23" x 36")

    Blue Spruce (2012)
    acrylic on paper (10.3" x 7")

    Canaries - in Greece (2004)
    acrylic on paper (15" x 11")

    Louise Mould
    Artist Statement:   The landscape features most prominently in the body of my work. It is a landscape of suggestion, rather than a faithful figurative rendering; it is a landscape of fiction and abstraction. It almost always contains elements of the earth, the sky, and the sea — or body of water — a river, estuary or lake. These are essential. They resonate in my mind and appear in my paintings as lines and forms in the design and composition.
    Bio:   Louise Mould has been painting since her formative years. Born in Exeter, Ontario, she holds degrees from the University of Prince Edward Island and McGill University in Montreal. She studied art for two years at the Université du Québec à Trois Rivières. She has lived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and spent many years in Haifa, Israel. She is currently living in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. She has had numerous solo shows and has participated in group shows including juried exhibitions. Her work is currently showing in The Dunes Café and Gallery and Ellen’s Creek Gallery.